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a documentary by tinro|media works

A granddaughter bears witness to her grandmother's wartime recollections. Exploring childhood memories from the Holocaust era, this documentary offers cross-generational perspectives while suggesting associatives contexts of traumatic memories. The director/daughter brings the past forward through layers of contemporary experiences (filmed between 1995-2002) in the USA, Israel and Ukraine in search of these fragmented memories.

Director/Producer/Editor: Ornit Barkai____ Composer: Shimon Ben-Shir_____ narrator: Shir Sadan___co-editor: Bar Kastershtain Mizne___ post-production audio: Marc Gordon___post-production assistant: Ron Sadan ___ on-location production liasons: Faina Vinokurova, Isaac Novoseletsky, Igor Desner, Abraham Kaplan_____ on-location translator Russian/Ukrainian-English: Tanya Rudnystka

all rights reserved 2009, tinro|media works